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Learn To Fly With Us!
Midwest AeroSports LLC.

Sister company to Midwest AeroWorks LLC.

Sport Vs. Private 
Pilot License
Which license is Right for YOU?


Want to fly with more than one friend?
YES- Private. Private pilots can fly with multiple passengers and in several aircraft types.
NO- Sport.
Sport pilots are restricted to carrying one passenger and in light sport aircraft only.

Want to be a pilot ASAP?
YES-Sport. Sport Pilot License requires fewer training hours which decreases time commitment. in ideal conditions, a Sport Pilot License can be obtained in as few as 4 months. 
NO- Private.
Private Pilot License requires realistically 60 flight hours and often takes 7-8 months.

Want to fly at night?
YES- Private.
Private pilots train for night flying and are allowed to fly at night.
NO- Sport.
Sport pilots may only fly in daylight.

Want lower cost and fewer regulations?
YES- Sport. Because fewer flight training hours are required, the Sport Pilot License can be up to 40% less expensive than the Private Pilot License and no medical exam is required. All you need is your valid driver’s license.
NO- Private.
A medical exam is required in order to earn a Private Pilot License.

Flight Training To Fit Your Schedule!
You Choose When to Fly!

Whether you want to obtain your license quickly or take your time, our certified flight instructor will work with you on a schedule that fits your needs.

Unsure About Flight Lessons?

Try A Discovery Flight

Experience the fun of our Remos Light Sport Aircraft with our Certified Flight Instructor!



Aircraft Rental:

Midwest AeroSports also offers Rental of the Remos G3-600 Light Sport Aircraft:
*Rental Rates on the Remos:
$110 per hour- Retail
$100 per hour when purchasing 10+ hour block rental

*Rental rates subject to tax

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