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In addition to our maintenance and inspection services, we offer a variety of support for your aviation needs.

Dynamic Propeller Balancing

  • Vibration is the most common cause of engine and airframe wear and tear. This vibration can cause problems in a variety of systems in your aircraft. A dynamic propeller balance is considered to be a minor repair but should be performed when there’s an engine overhaul or when the propeller is removed or reinstalled for any reason. Just as you would balance new tires on your car or truck, propellers need to be adjusted and balanced as well.
  • Dynamic Propeller Balancing is a process performed by a computer where sensors are used to measure the vibration throughout the aircraft. Based on the data from this process, balance weights are added to the propeller spinner and bulkhead assembly to counter any imbalances. This will minimize vibration levels thus increasing the life of your aircraft.

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